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Kitchen Gadgets for Healthier Cooking

Have you ever thought about how to make cooking healthier and easier? Here is my pick of the top seven gadgets that go some of the way.

1. Pressure cooker
An excellent investment to help you cook those healthy legumes and whole grains. Taking only about a quarter of the time of a regular stove-top saucepan, you’ll not be put off by time. A high-legume intake is the strongest dietary predictor of a long life span!

2. Health grill
Char-grill your vegetables or lean meats without any added oil by pressing them between non-stick ribbed cooking plates, which allow any fat to drain away in a removable tray.

3. Slow cooker
This ageless time-saving device helps make moist and tender meals, such as casseroles, legume curries and soups with little effort. Simply set the meal in the mornings and it cooks all day without supervision.

4. Rice cooker
Steam rice so it is light and fluffy without adding oil or fat. Smaller rice cookers for 1-2 persons are also available. The best rice types include brown, red, basmati and Doongara.

5. Steamer
The original way to cook low-fat vegetables. Steamers usually come with a pot or set of pots, or you can buy them separately. For extra flavour, sprinkle vegetables with lemon juice and fresh herbs, or add a dollop of low-fat yoghurt rather than drowning them in oil or sour cream.

6. Wok
These make healthier stir-fries loaded with colourful vegetables but lean on the oil. Non-stick and titanium woks are now available, which don’t require seasoning. Titanium is the premium choice, as it is an excellent heat conductor.

7. Salad spinner
Enjoy dark leafy greens every day! Use a salad spinner to spin-dry washed leaves, so they are refreshed but not soggy. A mini spinner is also available, which is ideal for a single person or delicate greens, such as rocket or fresh herbs and berries.

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