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In 2023, on our social media channels alone, Signs of the Times reached 78,591 social media users, with the website reaching 264,378 individuals. However, these pursuits do not generate any income or receive funding and rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters. So, we are asking you for help.

Signs answers the difficult questions facing young people today.

One afternoon, on the way home from school Olivia remembers talking with her friend Christie (not her real name) about God. Christie was struggling to reconcile belief in God with heavy topics like sexuality, war, genocide, abortion, cancer, suicide, PTSD, and evolution. Olivia was only young at the time and didn’t have the answers to these questions either.

Christie wandered away from God shortly after this conversation, unable to find answers.

To this day, Olivia still wonders if things could have turned out differently if she had been able to provide answers to Christie’s questions. What if she were able to hand Christie a magazine which had the answers she was looking for? Would Christie have been able to discover the love of God and answers to her questions? Only God knows.

Since High School, several of Olivia’s friends have abandoned their childhood faith as merely a fantastical idea or set of moral guidelines and nothing more, choosing to continue living their lives in the “real world” separate from Christianity. They do not view the Bible as a source of answers for their questions, and turn to the media, to friends, and to society, to find the answers to life’s big questions: “Who am I?” . . . “What is my worth?” . . . “Why am I here?”

Olivia could have very easily abandoned her faith along with her friends, if it hadn’t been for the answers she had found lying on her parent’s coffee table. Various magazines about the big questions in life, things like evolution vs creationism, the historicity of Jesus Christ, and how to understand world events, would appear every month without a word. She would occasionally pick up these magazines on a quiet Sabbath afternoon and read whatever caught her eye.

Over the years Olivia picked up information from these magazines that helped her to trust the Bible as a source of authority for the truth. And after realising the undeniable truth of the Bible, there were only two options left for her to choose: follow a loving God or ignore Him. To her, the choice was simple. But not everyone has access to these kinds of resources to help them make an informed choice about God.


A real struggle facing young people today is how to answer the big questions in life, especially in today’s modern society. Teenagers and young adults are facing spiritual battles in almost every arena of life. Every single day, young people are challenged by issues of identity, purpose, value and worth, spirituality, politics, the future, the environment, climate change, cost of living, and loneliness. They are all asking difficult questions about the future, the world, and how to make sense of it all. But, more often than not, the answers they get create only more confusion—not less.

Where can they find answers?

This is the problem! Young people are increasingly using social media as their main research platform, rather than internet browsers, books, or the bible. About 39% of Gen Z individuals use social media as a source of news, current events, and information understand the world around them. They are receiving answers for their big questions from a variety of strangers online; people who may or may not have their best interests at heart.

Young people are turning to social media to find the answers to life’s big questions, and are bombarded by opinions about what to believe, who to be, and what to think. They become surrounded by a maelstrom of confusion which can sweep them away and leave them more lost than before they started out.

You have probably seen this happen. Perhaps a relative, a friend, a church member has walked away from their faith because they have struggled with life’s big questions.

This is why Signs of the Times is entering the digital space – and this is why we need your help.

We’ve entered the digital space to meet people where they are at. Signs of the Times has developed an account on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, as well as producing a podcast available on various platforms, including Faith FM, engaging individuals in their own digital space. In 2023, on our social media channels alone, Signs of the Times reached 78,591 social media users, with the website reaching 264,378 individuals.

However, these pursuits do not generate any income or receive funding and rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters. So, we are asking you for help. Help us to reach those who are searching for the answers to life’s big questions. Help us to provide guidance to those being buffeted by online opinions about what to believe. Help us make a difference.

Your support could make all the difference in the faith journey of a young person you care about.

So how can you help? Partner today with Signs of the Times and together let’s make a lasting impact in the lives of young people everywhere searching for answers to life’s difficult questions. Let’s shape the faith of a generation.

You can subscribe to Signs of the Times on behalf of a young person or youth group and deliver this content to young people seeking answers. Or you can help us remain present on platforms where young people are seeking for answers.

God is still using Signs of the Times to reach people as we venture into new spaces to reach a new generation. But we urgently need your support to keep this ministry going. We are thankful that there is demand for the valuable content which Signs provides, however we need at least $60,000 in donations to continue meeting this demand.

We are asking you today to prayerfully consider partnering with us so that we can continue to share this life-transforming magazine with people who are seeking answers. Through your gifts, you have the potential to reach young people for Jesus.

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