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Sudden Sneezing

sudden sneezing

Sneezing is common as a reaction to temperature variations—especially cold. Swimming in cool water, cool showers and inhaling cold air causes a similar reaction. The body’s immune system is very sensitive to changes— be it temperature or foods, items contacted, injected or inhaled. Some find a similar reaction to heat.

electric blanket

While electric blankets are used by many, there are a few precautions to follow for safely. For children, heat the bed then turn it off when they get in. It takes time for the body’s heat-regulatory system to develop and children may quickly overheat, which can lead to seizures. Although most are not serious, they are terrifying to parents and occasionally may lead to epilepsy. The body generates its own heat, so when asleep, the combined heat can be intense.

tripping over

Tripping is common and may lead to serious physical trauma. There are a huge number of accidents that can happen inside the home. Most are preventable. Take time to remove or clarify possible trouble spots— cords from heaters across walkways, steps, corners of carpets, toys, low tables or magazines with slippery covers. Create a safe place and you will risk less injury.

travel easy

When an aeroplane lands, I like to stay seated and continue reading, listening to the headsets or relaxing until most have walked out. The alternative is usually standing at the baggage carousel for 15 minutes or longer, and your bag is usually second last. But the “herd” must be like everyone else. Much the same as accelerating madly when a red lights turn green. Road rage? Flying rage? Let’s relax a bit.

antibiotic woes

With the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s and 50s, many diseases vanished—but not all.

With the massive overuse of penicillin, germs have become resistant. One of the worst is the germ infecting hair roots in the leg, causing cellulitis.

Today, it may persist and travel upward, with red streaks and swollen glands in the groin. It often takes many weeks or months to get it under control. Never neglect any red swelling of the legs. See your GP at once.

words of warning

Regulations enforcing the display of signs are meant to be all things to all people but this is, of course, impossible.

There is an issue called “personal responsibility.”

It is assumed, often incorrectly, that we use our senses—eyes and ears especially—to keep safe.

Unless we do this, there is no hope. Animals cannot read and still do well using their natural senses and instincts. How many people place a finger on something that reads “Wet paint”—just to prove something!


Some of the newer SSRI family of antidepressants may cause mood swings.

Some trying outcomes have been reported.

However, the negatives must be weighed against the positives. In the overall picture, it is believed more people are helped.

If you are experiencing such reactions, discuss it with your doctor. It may indicate symptoms of other psychological issues.

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