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Seeing Clearly

Seeing clearly

Many people notice their glasses often become covered with dirt, grime and spots. Are the commercial cleansing liquids preferable? Spectacle lenses may be cleaned any way you like. Commercial liquids give a good result. Some use soap and water or metho. Do what is simplest for you and provides clear vision.

Life on one leg

The body and especially the bones do not like being injured. Nature usually responds by pouring out healing properties. But sometimes there are sinister changes to a few cells. This can gradually lead to osteosarcoma, a very virulent and fast growing bone cancer. There are many young people around with an amputated leg. One evening, I observed a group of young people dancing, including a 28-year-old with one leg, due to this condition. As the dancing increased in tempo, she threw away the crutch and jumped around on one leg having a great time. It was awesome! Losing a limb doesn’t require losing an active and positive lifestyle.

Artificially sweet

Today there are many drinks and foods claiming to be “low kJ” but the label indicates a variety of sweetening agents. While sugars are high in kilojoules, artificial sweetening agents are very sweet and almost kilojoule- free, and contain an ever increasing number of chemicals. Although rumours about safety regularly circulate, they would not be available if not safe. However, try various beverages without any chemical sweeteners. Learn to enjoy the natural flavours of food and drink.


Picking at a miscut fingernail can develop a unsightly and even painful nail. The only way to fix it is to resist fiddling with it entirely. Nails grow slowly and it may take a couple of weeks or more before the nail grows out far enough to provide a new edge. Keep a nailfile in your pocket or purse— file down rough edges. This will often prevent a small issue from becoming a big one.

Sensitive skin

Some skin is super sensitive to certain plants, leaves and bushes. This is common, and is a type of “contact dermatitis.” The skin contacts something to which it is sensitive, and a reaction occurs. It may be mild, and soon vanish. Or it may develop into a full-blown allergic reaction. Redness, swelling, itching and blisters are common symptoms. Cold water and cool face washers help. Drink lots of water to remove histamine from the system. Cortisone cream can reduce inflammation, cool the area and help the body heal itself. Try to avoid the items in nature that seem to cause the trouble. Rhus trees, ivy and a myriad other plants are common culprits.

Clear as urine

The ideal urine colour for optimum health is “virtually colourless.” Urine removes unwanted chemicals from the system. With some infections such as hepatitis, it turns a dark colour. Red (blood) is a danger signal demanding urgent intervention. Ideally, the lighter in colour the better. Drinking lots of water during the day is the best way to keep your body healthy.

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