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Our Times: July 2007

if money could buy happiness

Researchers from the University of London calculated that it would take $220,000 annually to raise someone’s happiness to pre-death levels after a spouse dies, $118,000 for a child, $28,000 for a parent, $16,000 for a friend and only $2000 for a sibling.

science catches up

Recently ABC News reported, “You are what you eat …but science suggests you’re also what your grandmother ate.” Yet Moses wrote, some 4000 years ago, that children are effected by “the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation” (Numbers 14:18).

making hearts

British researchers say they’ve successfully grown human heart tissue from stem cells. Scientists say it’s a step toward the transplant of replacement heart valves or possibly one day a whole heart.

city research

Cities have an almost magical ability, spurred by increased human interaction, to stimulate innovation and increase wealth. Recent research demonstrates that everything from crime to per capita income grows alongside the population.

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