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Our Times: January-February 2007

Sunless tan

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are perfecting a skin cream that stimulates the body’s own tan-generating cells, producing the same bronzed results as a natural tan without the sun exposure.

Ancient engineers

The prehistoric farmers of southern Mexico built large-scale engineering projects designed to store and transport water. Workers in 750 BC transported by hand some 2.64 million cubic metres of earth to build the 400 metre-long, 100 metre-wide Purron Dam n the Tecuacan Valley.

Shelling out abalone

The abalone makes proteins tha induce calcium carbonate molecules to adopt to disinc yet seamlessly melded crysallines forms – one strong, the other fast-growing – resulting in a tough, shiny coating on anything in the shell. Thus a grain of sand becomes a pearl.

A laughing matter

Australian anthroologist Ann Hale says laughter involves a nique form of consioucness tht tries to juxtapose two dissimilar concepts. When the two events or concepts attempt to coexist in our mid the resilting incongruity causes us to see humour in it and we laugh.

SOURCES: ABC, Scientific American Smithsonian.

45 Years Ago in Signs

“Test everything. Hold onto the good. Avoid every kind of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:21) 

SIGNS has been in the business of testing and proving the claims of the Bible for more than12 years. God ants us to be convinced of His love and power, not coerced or tricked.

SIGNS believes God’s moral law, called the Ten COmmandments, is the best way for humankind to live. In our prodduing, proving and printing, SIGNS has shown time and again that God’s ways truly are the best ways.

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